Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grover Food Face

My friend, Cathilee, sent me this "fun food" idea from Parenting magazine for my blog.

[aside: Can I just say that I love that there are still people in the world who not only clip things out of magazines, but actually put them in an envelope, add a stamp, and mail them? Even though you're high tech on Facebook now, don't ever change your caring, snail-mail ways Cathilee!]

It is a 2 page Sesame Street advertisement and shows a Grover face made out of fresh blueberries (face) & raspberries (smile), hard boiled eggs (eyes), Roma tomato (nose) and raisins (inside of mouth and eyes). Of course, the finished product is perfectly completed and there's no mistaking that it's Grover.

I think the reason I'm in this whole "pushing piles of paper" habit is that I've always torn out these ideas, had high hopes of recreating the activity or recipe to exact specifications and then never get around to purchasing every ingredient.

Yesterday I proved to myself that I'm changing my ways. As an after school snack I started to remove blueberries from the freezer and had an "Ah Hah!" moment. I grabbed the Grover pic and decided I'd match the ad to the best of my abilities using the closest ingredients I could find. So what the blueberries won't be the pretty, fresh blue? Something tells me my kids won't mind.

In addition to the frozen berries, I used: 2 raw eggs (removing them from the plate once the kids dug in) with grape halves instead of raisins, and was lucky enough to have a Roma tomato in the fridge, which I sliced in half.

I put Stella to the test and asked if she could guess whose face I created and was relieved when she squealed and answered: Grover! She and little sis then gathered around the plate and gobbled up the little purple monster.

So, my blog might not contain magazine-worthy final product shots, but they pass the giggle test, and that's all I could ask for.

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