Monday, October 5, 2009

1 1/2 is the new 1!

This morning, my bathroom clock stopped, and I didn't realize it. What should have been a rushed process to do school drop off and music class was instead a leisurely one spent getting ready while my kids played nicely together on the bathroom floor. I think I did a triple take when I put my wrist watch on and saw the real time. It was then a mad dash to leave the house.

Since I haven't found a way to stop time for real, I've devised other ways to slow it down a bit.

When my oldest daughter Stella was born, I celebrated the day she was born each month with a photo shoot. It became an effective photo journal for me and helped me to appreciate each stage--even the more challenging ones.

Once my second daughter Sadie was born, this photo journal concept was developed into a set of monthly birthday onesies called Twelvesies by myself and my business partner Dara (mother of Stella's best friend Marin).

But, of course, big sis still wanted to be a part of the photo shoot so a complementary product line was developed called Quartertees.

Recently, Sadie turned 1 1/2 and Stella and I decided to throw a party for her official photo shoot. Stella had so much fun making the day special for little sis. She even made a card and helped me bake the 1/2 round cake. (To make, I baked a round cake, cut it in half vertically and then stacked the 2 half circles as layers with frosting in the center. We put a "1" candle on top and cut a second candle in 1/2 next to it.)

I highly recommend 1/2 birthday parties for all ages. It’s all the good stuff (cake, fun, feeling special) without all the other stuff (pressure to have fun, tantrums over presents, guest lists, invitatitions, not to mention the whole another-year-older thing). For as we say at our company Kindred, every little bit counts!

"1/2 Birthday" Girl Sadie:


Big Sis Stella:

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