Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Glitter Pumpkins

Today I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Emily's beautiful baby boy, Hudson. While visiting with her and her mother Cathilee, an amazing centerpiece on their kitchen counter caught my eye. It was a sparkling arrangement of pumpkins and gourds. Emily's sister Katie had created them with her nieces Piper and Polly.

Coincidentally, I had picked up a bag of miniature pumpkins at Trader Joe's this morning in my pathetic attempt to convince my oldest that I'm not a Halloween scrooge. (I equate holiday decorations with adding clutter on top of an already cluttered house.)

The plain pumpkins got a makeover after school when Stella and Sadie were thrilled to decorate the "family" of 4 pumpkins.

Materials needed:
1) pumpkins and/or gourds
2) acrylic paint
3) glitter
4) Modge Podge (Katie used this to create the decorative touches on hers. We just sprinkled glitter on the wet glue.)

Thanks Katie for the beautiful inspiration!

The girls started with paint brushes and determined that dripping the paint over the pumpkins straight from the container was the most fun. Since this technique resulted in thick pools at the base of the stem, they might be drying for a few more hours...




    xoxo Cathilee & Katie

  2. The glitter pumpkins are fab. I'm gonna try and remember this for this year!