Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"I do it!" Ice Cream (ziploc bag technique)

There are only two sweet words capable of breaking my month-long blogging hiatus: Ice Cream.

I heard about this tip a few times this summer and then read it in Parents. I clipped the "Make Ice Cream" blurb (dated Sept 09) and sat down at my computer today in anticipation of hosting a play date for my daughter and her classmate. Much to my disappointment, I entered the URL and received an "Oops!" message from Fortunately, it was an easy one to track down via Google.

Ice Cream in a Bag instructions.

Knowing that I had rock salt tucked away in the pantry, my goal was to avoid a trip to the grocery store to accomplish this after school surprise. Sure, half and half would've been even tasty but my toddler's whole milk worked great too. It resulted in a refreshing ice milk texture.

The best part about this activity was that each of the three kids had their own serving to shake, toss and enjoy. In the favorite words of my youngest: "I do it!" seems like an appropriate name for this fun and delicious tip.

One word of advice, we were too anxious to sample the ice cream and didn't rinse the outside of the inner bag, so every few bites were a bit salty. Next time, I'll rinse the bags before digging in.

Makes me feel kind of silly that I have an ice cream maker in the garage as well as a camping ice cream ball and all it really takes is a couple of ziploc bags!

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  1. Awesome! I will have to try this with my "My Do It" toddler!!!!