Saturday, September 26, 2009

Campfire-less S'mores

Growing up as a child in California, I have fond memories of camping and most all of them involve making s'mores. Sadly, due to the risk of wildfires in our area, my own children have never roasted a marshmallow for their very own s'more experience.

Last night we said goodbye to summer with a camp out, and although there wasn't a campfire, it just isn't camping to me without s'mores.

I've found a "campfire-less" s'more recipe by Hershey's that is such a crowd pleaser and costs about the same to double (just buy the jumbo Hershey's bar rather than the individuals) that it's become one of my regular, go-to dessert recipes.

By the way, the intermediate rating is inaccurate. This is about as easy to make as it gets.


  1. Look who's back! She's back again! Tip Lady is back....with a brand new tip!

  2. You got it. I've got a list a mile long to post if only I didn't have another list 2 miles long of other things to do too. Story of all our lives, no?! Thanks for getting me out from under a rock. If you like this one, I've got another dessert tip that's even easier and yummier (if that's possible?).

  3. How did I miss this? Yum! Great hair and a happy tummy. Who could ask for more. Will be trying this soon:)