Monday, September 28, 2009

Hollywood Hair

I have a thing against hair dryers. Unless it's at the hands of a professional and I'm sitting comfortably in a chair reading a magazine oblivious to all the hot air being blown at my head, then I really would prefer to leave it unplugged and in a drawer. Only problem is I have a thing against frizzy hair too. And without the mind-numbing, time-sapping task of drying my hair, I have frizzy hair.

One trick I've found to at least tame the frizz is to twist my hair and pin it up while still wet and once dry let it down. Although this works pretty well, it also means spending half a day with wet hair.

In a recent Parenting magazine beauty article entitled 21 Little Beauty Tips That Make A Big Difference I read the following tip:

Give Your Hair Waves This trick works best for medium-to-thick hair that's somewhere between straight and wavy, but can also help boost body in fine hair or curly hair that's been blown out. Before bed, brush (dry) hair and secure it on top of your head with the scrunchie that's been banished to bathroom-drawer purgatory since back when Jon-Bon was shot through the heart and you were to blame. (Don't use a rubber band, which would leave a mark.) If you have fine hair, says Toye, use a bit of volumizer at the roots before putting it up. Wrap the ponytail around the base, and tuck the ends into the fabric. Then simply release the ponytail when you wake up, tousle, and enjoy your lovely, loose waves or fuller-than-usual body.

So, last night knowing that I'd be short on time the following morning and would be lucky to get a shower nonetheless do something with my hair, I grabbed one of my daughter's fabric ponytail holders (not sure that I've saved any of my well-used scrunchies) and gave it a try.

This morning I was eager to check out the results and had to laugh when I took the ponytail holder out and my hair looked as though I had spent a good hour trying to make it look that way: lovely, loose waves--just as the article promised. Knowing that I'd be sure to wreck it before even leaving the house I decided to pin up part of it. So I took about a 2" wide strip of my bangs and pinned them back on top of my head. I threw on some Juicy sweats and headed off to school drop off and toddler music class. I felt so Hollywood.

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