Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Strawberry Yogurt Granita as seen in Cookie mag

I've always wanted to make granita and always tear it out when I see a recipe...and, not surprisingly, have yet to do it. Until this morning when the stars finally aligned: fresh strawberries sitting on the counter, this recipe on the top of my pile at the kitchen desk, and a blog to keep me accountable.

I decided to use whatever yogurt was in the fridge and turned out that I had 1/2 c. of strawberry kefir. I made just enough to fill two small metal prep bowls—just right for two small people who will delight in a frosty afternoon treat later today.

Just as Cookie suggests: "best thing...might be how little forethought it requires." Think I'll make that my new food motto!

Yogurt Granita recipe from Cookie magazine.

What I haven't figured out is why mine looks like sorbet and there's looks more slushy. The girls certainly didn't mind! My version and happy customers:

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