Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fruit Fly Trap

Before I had kids, I aspired to be the next Martha Stewart. Who was I kidding?! As a mom, I now know I'm more Rachael Ray than Martha. So, I let my Martha Stewart subscription expire with my aspirations, but before I did, I found this great gem of a tip.

Make a cone out of paper. Put banana or something fruit flies like at bottom of cup. Make sure to close up any gaps so they can't get out sides. They go into cone for food and are too disoriented to find way back out. Once trapped we take em outside--where they belong! It's oddly satisfying.

The original source of this great tip is from University of Kentucky Entomology dept


  1. I think Martha is too unrealistic with the things she has in her magazines. This fruit fly thing is cute though...and simple which is a big bonus! Cool blog!

  2. This worked! I trapped so many, I didn't even know there were that many in the kitchen! I'm liking your blog!