Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 2: ACV

This has nothing to do with magazine clippings other than the fact that I received a marketing pamphlet from Sephora the other day titled "BLEMISH BLASTERS. kick acne to the curb—for good." Considering that I've been breaking out recently (ugh!!!!!!) it caught my attention and rather than make my usual stop at the recycling bin with most of our mail, I set that one in its very own pile on my desk. Inside was an ad for Thermaclear an at home device that "delivers a two-second pulse of thermal energy." Sounds high tech, and I was a "submit order" button away from ordering it when I decided to try a different approach.

I have this theory that the acne business is a conspiracy. The cure (although it might be different for each person) is out there in the simplest of solutions but why would a multi-million (or is it billion?) dollar business want us to know that?

I have a feeling that the answer to my on-again skin care problem lies within my pantry. Last week I tried sea salt (although I think I blew it by using the coarse stuff as a scrub—ouch!) as it did wonders on clearing Stella's pierced ear infection, so why not try it on a face infection? I think it actually was effective but probably best as a spot treatment. Felt overdried and then oilier.

I got to thinking about what other "wonder products" are in my kitchen and thought of apple cider vinegar. For the heck of it, I Googled it, and what do ya know? There's a ton of information about ACV and it's health benefits--including treating acne. Last night I mixed it (the organic unfiltered type) with water and applied to my skin. Today I'm going to sip it diluted with water and apply it to my skin.

I smell like a tomato salad, but it beats looking like one!

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